Theatre: OSF Play On! - Measure for Measure

Corey worked with playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil on her translation of Measure for Measure for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's Play On! commission. Directed by Larissa Kokernot.


Play On!

OSF is commissioning 36 playwrights and pairing them with dramaturgs to translate 39 plays attributed to Shakespeare into contemporary modern English between now and December 31, 2018. Additionally, the program commissioned two exciting Shakespearean adaptations. By seeking out a diverse set of playwrights (more than half writers of color and more than half women), we hope to bring fresh voices and perspectives to the rigorous work of translation. Each playwright is being asked to put the same pressure and rigor of language as Shakespeare did on his, keeping in mind meter, rhythm, metaphor, image, rhyme, rhetoric and emotional content. Our hope is to have 39 unique side-by-side companion translations of Shakespeare’s plays that are both performable and extremely useful reference texts for both classrooms and productions.